Mi Niña


Mi Niña is a fashion project that explores the sociological and anthropological ideas behind the sartorial relationship between mother and daughter. The project particularly looks at the tension and space that develops during the transition into adolescence and early adulthood in regards to personal clothing choices. Emphasis is placed on the influence this sartorial relationship has in forging identities in daughters during childhood and adolescence. I use my mother as the primary subject with pieces from her own closet. Appropriated c-prints from the 1990s of how my mother use to dress me are used as a point of reference and comparison.

Collages for this project were created in collaboration with Chris Alfaro, a Mexican artist and good friend from Puebla who currently holds it down for her daughter and husband in Corona, Queens. Gracias Chris por comparti su belleza!


All images are (C) Sharlotte Fondeur-Casas, 2021